because we're all voyeurs, after all (mayalin) wrote,
because we're all voyeurs, after all

Dog stars

Okay, so how dorktastic does this make me, but I'm still so excited. The professional photographer wants our permission to possibly use some of our doggy photos in something else--like a calendar or a book or maybe her website. Of course she can! I imagine that they will be used in exactly nothing, but I'm still signing the release and sending it back to her, stat. Get our doggies' star careers going, man. :) There are some beautiful shots in the batch. And yes, Jonathan plans to post them online, but he's been working his little booty off, so hasn't had time to set up the site yet. They are on my new iPhone, so if you visit me, I'll show them off. ...and yes, the iPhone is very, very cool. :)
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