because we're all voyeurs, after all (mayalin) wrote,
because we're all voyeurs, after all

5 down, 29 to go!

So, on day 3 of radiation treatment, I told the folks that the mask was painful to my nose and they cut that part out. So, the radiation treatment is no longer painful for me. Also, I timed it both yesterday and today and realized that it really, actually, only lasts for 10 minutes. Which is kind of long, but not the 20 minutes plus that I previously mentioned. So, like I said in the previous entry, I'm having a positive attitude and things are improving.
Of course, I've spent the entire past week fighting with insurance and pharmacists and doctors' offices about my chemotherapy coverage. I now have a month's worth sitting right here, and it cost me $40. According to the pharmacist, it's worth $10,000. Which sounds ridiculous, but is probably true. Ridic, indeed.
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