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Writer's Block: Happy Halloween!/opera plans

Boo! How did you celebrate Halloween?
I'm going with my BF to San Francisco to the opera to see The Magic Flute. I think it will be nice and will avoid the boys (our doogles) barking every few minutes when the doorbell rings. Ick. Because they still will bark their little doggie heads off. It will be a challenge for them, the crazy fools that they are. Before we go, we'll leave nice treats with them so they have their own task to work on. Which may be as simple as getting the treats out of the treat stick. Which is fun for them, btw. And satisfying. And delish, as long as we put tasty treats in the treat stick. Really, I think it will be a good evening for those crazy boys....although maybe a better evening for us at the opera in San Francisco. We will have a nice dinner of some sort, which won't involve us getting delicious treats out of a treat dispenser....and yet, will be tasty and nice and relaxing. I'm trying to remember what's a good place to eat in the same neighborhood as the SF opera house, and at the moment, I'm drawing a blank. Damn me. But by tomorrow evening, I will have a few places in mind. Yeah! What a great evening we will have, trick-or-treaters aside. In fact, our avoidance of trick-or-treaters is what will make our evening so nice. By golly. I swear! I also think that the boys will do well without being inside while the trick-or-treaters are ringing the bell. They will be challenged by this while they are in the back yard, but really? what can we do about that? We could put out a giant bowl of candy with a sign that says, "Take one to two pieces and leave the rest for the next group of kids." That's kind of cheating, but ultimately, is fair, I would advocate. We'll see how it goes. If we get home and there's no candy, then there's nothing that we can do about that. The kids took it all, and we'll have to assume that they took it fairly. I suspect that pretty early, the dogs will catch on to the kids walking by and ringing the doorbell. Oh, they'll catch onto this with their bark on. Nice. Friendly. Sweeeeeeet. Well, my biggest hope for Wednesday is that the opera is fantastic and that we have a good, relaxing dinner in SF. I think we will, I really do. I just need to come up with a list of places today, so that tomorrow, when we arrive in SF on public transit, we can choose where to eat quickly. Yes, that sounds like a good plan. Good one, Mollie! Let's do it.
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