because we're all voyeurs, after all (mayalin) wrote,
because we're all voyeurs, after all

Radiation: completed (woohoo)

So I had my last radiation treatment today. It's a relief to be done, but boy it's kicked my bootay. I spent the day lying about, and it's nice to have mom here to take care of me and make dinner and that nice stuff. It's great that she relishes in this caretaking, as well, because I'm exhausted. The brain fry is for real, I tell ya. I'm tired and spaced out and just want to lie about. I do hope that I clear up in the next few weeks and am ready and able to go back to work.
I'm bald now, btw. I had Jonathan shave off all my hair last night. I don't like that, but there's a catharsis to it and I guess I get to watch it grow back now. My mom bought a skein of black cashmere yarn today and is about to knit me a skullcap, which I'm excited about. I kind of want to be a bit loud and proud about my bald head, but it's cold out now and I need to keep my little head warm.
I'm going to bed now and hope to have a nice little Thanksgiving tomorrow. I hope that you have a nice one too.
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