because we're all voyeurs, after all (mayalin) wrote,
because we're all voyeurs, after all


So, surgery went fine. I'm recovering well, feeling good. My sister was here for two weeks and now my mom is here for a week. Having extra family here is good, if somewhat frequently stressful.
But the frustrating elephant in the room is that we don't have a pathology report yet. So, we know that I continue to have cancer. And yes of course we knew that but this surgery takes us squarely out of the realm of denial which I enjoyed a few months ago. SO, we don't know if my tumor was grade 2 or 3...or a combination of both, whether it was oligodendroglioma or astrocytoma or a combination of both. Not knowing these things means we don't know what treatment modality I'm up for in the next few weeks...most certainly chemo but who knows about radiation. They will also do testing for gene deletions which are a big prognostic indicator. I look forward to knowing if I have them (the gene deletions), although they have lots of potential to really bum me out.
Apparently, the way that the fantastic surgeon works is that he really protects the good brain matter during surgery, and inso doing, may smash up the tumor a bit. So it could still take a few weeks to get path results. Which, frankly, sucks, but what can I do about this now?
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