because we're all voyeurs, after all (mayalin) wrote,
because we're all voyeurs, after all

Radiation and medical care with multiple doctors

I had my first radiation treatment yesterday. It sucked. It wasn't the *worst* thing in the world, but the mask smashed my nose and the back of my head and I couldn't talk and was so uncomfortable. People kept talking to me, but it never was clear whether they were talking to each other or me, and I couldn't answer back anyways. It was the first treatment in 34, turns out. Unless something changes the doctors' minds.
While I was getting irradiated, Jonathan went to the pharmacy to pick up my chemotherapy meds...which weren't there. I got a prescription on Monday, then found out that the dose was wrong on Tuesday, and called the doctor's office Tuesday. The doctor called in the new dose Tuesday. I then called the pharmacy, who said that the doctor hadn't specified which dose pills to dispense. Arrrrgh. They said they'd call the doctor to get that info, and I let go of it until yesterday when I needed the medications, and the pharmacy hadn't heard from Dr. DaRosa. Of course all this happened after 5pm, so I couldn't really do anything about it then. So, no chemo on the first day of radiation, which is okay with me except that I want this treatment to be good and effective. I think that the sooner I can get chemo going, the more effective this treatment will be.
When I got home from my radiation fest, I called my mom. I was really very cranky and pretty much told her so and got off the phone. Then my sister (who is visiting my mom) called and I told her I didn't want to talk to her, either. They both felt bad for me and were sweet, and I called my sister this morning to reassure her that I'm okay, I was just having a bad moment yesterday. And she got it, of course, but I wanted to clarify that with her.
So, I'm not so nervous about today's treatment. It won't be fun, but every day I will get a little more used to it.
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