because we're all voyeurs, after all (mayalin) wrote,
because we're all voyeurs, after all

Mollie's not here anymore...

This is Jonathan, Mollie's boyfriend.

For those of you who read this journal, you know that Mollie has been battling an increasingly aggressive brain tumor. On Dec 28th, she died at the emergency room at our local hospital. I was with her. It was completely unexpected. She was lucid, funny, and nurturing until her last moments.

We've already held a memorial, and Mollie was cremated. We intend to scatter her ashes in the spring, probably at one of the dog parks where we took our boys. Nothing gave her more joy than watching Wally run up and down the beach like a fool with the other dogs.

Mollie was very dedicated to her work at Planned Parenthood, so we've been asking anyone who wants to memorialize her to make a donation to their local PP. Any donation in support of children or cancer would be appreciated.

I won't be updating or reading this journal after this. Anyone wishing to contact me or her family can reach me at jnsimon (at) pacbell (dot) net.
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